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Online Videos

As per the report Videos and Audios are most accessed media in the internet. There is always a video for everything starting from entertainment, DIY, study materials, educational, tutorial and so on. In the era of internet we can access the videos without going anywhere just using our internet from phone or Computer. There is more than thousands of websites for each category. There is uncountable videos streaming online every second.

Why Download?

But there is a problem in online streaming. We still have some limitations to stream online videos. We have limitations because of internet speed, availability of internet and many more problems related to internet. Besides some of us prefers downloading videos and watch offline whenever we feel to watch the videos. Because in this era of internet we have also huge amount of memories in our PC and our Mobile Phones. Besides we can see the videos with our favourite videos players with ease because offline video players give many more options than Online Streaming sites at any point.

Why use File2Save?

There is plenty of sites offering downloading of videos for each online streaming. But File2Save offers you downloading from all your favourite sites at once fully free of cost. That means you don’t have to remember different downloader sites for different Streaming site, you just have to remember one site name that is File2Save.Com to download from all your favourite Online Streaming sites. We offer you most popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, IMDB and many. We also offer you famous p*rn sites like XVideos, PornHub, Eporner, Hqporner and many more.

File2Save is so Lite and so fast that it loads in seconds. It saves your data plan from wasting much by loading heavy Load Pages. As it is light it is fast also which saves your time for browsing other videos to download or do whatever you want.

Not only loading of the pages is faster but our inbuilt technology makes your download 20% faster than your current internet data plan. We always try to make it easy for you to do the whole process. That’s why File2Save offers you to download in just 2 steps. One is paste the link of the video and other is clicking the download button. Yes, this is as simple as that.

We also offer the verities of video quality same as the original video in streaming site is offering you. You can chose any quality of videos as you want to download from your favourite sites. For every videos you try to download different Video Quality will be given to you so you can chose the right video quality for yourself.

Again if you don’t want to download the video and want to download the audio only we can understand that and we value your preference. That’s why we are offering you to download only Audios from Videos. You can chose either audio or video is to be downloaded.

All of this is free of cost. We are not charging you a single penny for all the services provided by File2Save. This is fully free of cost.

How to Download?

You can download any video from your favourite sites in just few steps. Though the whole process is so simple and fast still I will elaborate the whole process with some screenshots so that anyone can easily understand how to download videos from online sites using File2Save.Com. To demonstrate an Instagram Video is chosen. You have to apply same process for all the sites,

⦁ Copy The Link: In order to download an online Video you have to copy the link of the video you want to download. If you are browsing the site from your browser of your computer or mobile then after playing the video copy the link of the video by pressing Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C button in Windows or ⌘ Command + A and ⌘ Command + C in MAC or Select All and copy in any touch Screen Device after clicking the address bar. Now your link is copied. address bar

⦁ Paste The Link: After copying the link chose the site from where you copied the link from list of sites given in main page of File2Save.Com. e.g. Here Instagram option is chosen as Instagram Video is being downloaded.
site name

Now paste the link in the textbox given by pressing Ctrl + V button in Windows or ⌘ Command + V in MAC or Paste in any touch Screen Device after clicking the provided space for the link. Once your link is pasted the link box click the Download button.
paste the link

⦁ Chose Video Quality & Download: After clicking Download Button You will be redirected to download page where you can chose quality of videos provided by the Streaming site. Now right click the video quality option and chose “save link as” from the given option and then chose the path you want to save the video.
download the video

Done. Your video will soon be downloaded in your chosen path with your chosen quality.